Residential Life

Home. You can’t beat it. It’s the place where we feel safest, thoroughly provided for, and inextricably connected to our fellow family members. While our residential program would never claim to replace Home-Sweet-Home, The Hilltop does provide something pretty precious to our residential students: A Second Family.
Our Student Proctors are always there to show you the ropes of living on campus.
Our Live-In Dorm Parents are always available, supervising nightly study hall, heading out with students for events or weekend excursions, and overseeing our very special Thursday Evenings – where you’ll do everything from sit down for a “dorm family” meal to play great games with other dorm families, to participate in spirited programs like our monthly Dorm Cup Challenge events.
Overseeing it all are our Dorm Heads, who plan our residential programs, supervise our dorm parents and proctors, and run faculty professional development programs to keep our staff at the top of their game.
It’s a well-crafted, expertly staffed program that makes you feel just as you should: At Home.

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  • Residence Halls

    Worcester Academy has four residence halls that surround the campus quad. Davol Hall is home to freshman and sophomore boys, while younger girls live in Stoddard Hall. Junior, senior, and postgraduate girls typically live in Heydon Hall and upper class and postgraduate boys live in Dexter Hall. Students generally live two to a room and share common area facilities, including washrooms, a TV lounge, kitchen, and laundry facilities, with the rest of their dorm mates.